Rules of accommodation and cancellation

1. "Central Hotels Group" are designed for temporary residence of citizens for a period agreed
with the event space. At the end of the agreed period, the resident is obliged to vacate the room at the request of the Administration. If you wish to extend your stay, please inform the event space concierge at least 2 hours before check – out time-12 hours local time. Extension of stay in the same room is possible only in the absence of a confirmed reservation in favor of third parties.

2. Mode of operation of "Central Hotels Group" - round the clock.

3. Check - out time in the event space – 12.00 hours, set according to local characteristics.

4. Check-in time is 14.00 o'clock current day local time.

5. Guaranteed check-in is made by pre-booking. Room reservation is free of charge.

6. Cancellation of application for reservation or change must be made at least 24 hours for the individual application and within a period of not less than 72 hours for group reservations ( more than 8 people)
before the expected date of arrival. In case of failure after the deadline or non-arrival of guests will be charged for the actual downtime of 100% of the cost of booked rooms for one day.

7. The accommodation fee is charged in accordance with the check-out time, the provisions of this agreement.
Order and acting in Central Hotels Group apartments price list.

8. There is no charge for accommodation of a child without a seat.

9. Information about the current room prices is published in the social.networks and placed on the reception Desk.

10. Payment for accommodation and additional services of Central Hotels Group is accepted in cash and non-cash form.

11. When paying for cash and non-cash payment at the box office of "Central Hotels Group" physical person is issued a cash receipt and the account of the established sample.

12. Room in Artway is provided upon presentation of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, passport of a foreign citizen (national passport or national passport), diplomatic passport, seaman's passport, military card (for persons undergoing active military service) with the consent of the person intending to settle, with the current rules of the event space and accommodation contract for the provision of hotel services is considered a prisoner.

13. Temporary residence in Artway should not exceed three months. Accommodation in the event space for more than three months is possible only in agreement with the management of "Central Hotels Group"

14. At the end of the period of stay, the resident is obliged to vacate the room before check-out time (12.00 current day), the extension of the period of stay is made only in the absence of a reservation for this room. If there are available rooms, the resident can be given another room.

15. Smoking in the rooms and throughout the event space is strictly prohibited! If a violation of this paragraph is detected, a fine of 5,000 rubles is withheld.

16. If the keys are lost, a fine of 500 rubles will be charged.

17. Artway provides the Following services at no extra charge:
*satellite television
* use of all room facilities according to room category
* Wake-up to a certain time of day
* drinking water (hot and cold)
* use of iron
*use of first aid kit
*taxi call
* call an ambulance
* provision of needles and threads at the request of the guest.

18. Additional services at the event space are provided in accordance with the approved price list.
Information about additional and current prices is available at the reception.

19. Bed linen and towels are changed every three days.

20. Arta is not responsible for the operation of urban services (emergency shutdown of the electric
and heat energy, water supply)

21. The book of reviews and suggestions is at the reception Desk and is issued at the request of guests.

22. Guests of "Central Hotels Group" must:
*to comply with Artie policies
* do not disturb other guests in Central Hotels Group, keep quiet and public order in the room
and the corridor from 23.00 hours to 6.00 hours
* keep the room clean
* strictly observe fire safety rules, preventing the occurrence of fires
* in case of fire in the room immediately inform any employee of Central Hotels Group
* timely and full payment for the services provided
* leaving the room to close the water taps, turn off the light, TV

22. Central Hotels Group administration reserves the right to visit the rooms without the consent of the residents
in case of smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case of violation of this order of residence, public order.

23. The guest is liable for damage or loss of Central Hotels Group property in the double amount of its value.

24. The guest is obliged to immediately inform the Administrator about all detected faults in the equipment and property.

25. In the absence of a Guest at the place of residence without warning more than one hour according to the check-out time (check-out time), the administration of Central Hotels Group has the right to create a Commission, make an inventory of personal belongings of a resident in the room, move these things to the office for storage.

26. Central Hotels Group is not responsible for the loss of money, other currency values, securities, jewelry and other valuables not transferred to the safe Deposit box.

27. In case of forgotten things, the Administration takes measures to return them to the owner.

28. Central Hotels Group has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of event space services unilaterally
or refuse to extend the period of residence in case of violation of the order of living, late payment for services provided by Central Hotels Group.

29. When leaving Central Hotels Group Guest is obliged to hand over the room to the Administrator, and then hand over the key(s) of the room.
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